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Spanish & Latin American Culture

  • Music

    Music hugely help define the identity of Spanish speaking countries. It is a vibrant blend of cultures, folklore and sounds, from the traditional Spanish guitar to the beautiful Bolivian cane panpipe, or from the melancholic Argentine accordion to the melodic Mexican harp, music plays a key part in defining our roots.

    Let your ears enjoy it!

  • Travel

    Are you travelling anytime soon for business or pleasure? Spanish speaking countries are rich in nature, culture and traditions. Make sure you get some time to wander around.

    Get in touch with us, you will make your trip more enjoyable if you speak the language.

  • Film

    Films are a great way to dive into the culture of Spanish speaking countries and learn about their people, their way of life, their accents and colloquialisms.

    There are great films that will show you a glimpse of our places.

  • People

    Spanish speakers are very passionate about their culture and roots. See some examples of well known figures. These people have left their trademark and a rich heritage not only to the their own countries but to the world.

    We will use illustrative materials on these topics in our lessons.