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Spanish for Business

BusinessW hether you are an HR Manager looking to train your staff to deal more effectively with your Spanish speaking customers or you are an individual pursuing business opportunities in Spanish speaking countries, we can tailor a course for you. See where we teach below: Are you managing a global business?

maybe you need to translate catalogues or brochures, train staff to meet and greet in Spanish, or simply give your business a more international touch? We teach Spanish at small and large organisations across a number of industries, including the non for profit sector. We will work with you / your group to understand the specific requirements and objectives, then we customise our approach to deliver a valuable land effective learning experience. We will help you all the way through in building up your team’s language skills. We aim to helping you to move your business or career forward by assisting you to develop cultural knowledge & awareness, and language skills.

Latin American countries are becoming important players in the global economy as they continue to grow and position themselves as strategic markets for large companies and investors to be part of the next economic boom.

Mexico, Chile and other countries offer countless opportunities for business in various sectors.

Contact us and we will help you maximise your potential opportunities by providing you with the language skills and cultural awareness needed to do successful business in LATAM.

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